KDE Desktop Settings and Customization

1. Move the panel from the bottom to the top via Panel Settings and Screen Edge.
2. Clock in Panel. Go to Digital Clock Settings…
2.1 Show date
2.2 Check Use 24-hour Clock
2.3 Use Long Date format
3. Clock in Panel. Date Format.
3. Time: United Kingdom
4. Add new Empty Panel to bottom of screen.
4.1. Add Show Desktop and Task Manager widgets to bottom panel.
5. Remove Task Manager widget from top panel. Slide Status Bar and Clock widgets to the right. May need to add Spacer.
6. Add Panel quick launch buttons to top panel:
File Manager (Dolphin), Terminal (Konsole), Firefox, Thunderbird
(You will need to find the application via the K-Menu, selecting Applications, and then finding the application. Then, right-click it and select Add to Panel.)
7. You can also decrease the height of both the Top and Bottom panels.
8. Change Window Decorations by going into System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations > Buttons. Change the order of the buttons to: Menu, Close, Minimize, Maximize, Titlebar, Help
9. Change Look and Feel theme (System Settings > Workspace Theme) to Breeze Dark. Change Desktop Theme to Breeze Dark. While you are in the Desktop Theme, go to Details tab and change the Panel Background source to Breeze Dark Panel Background.

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